Newborn Photography FAQ’s

There is no better way to document those precious first weeks and months than with a newborn photo shoot. It’s a great way to share the excitement with family and friends but also for you to remember those perfect tiny features.

What is the best age for a newborn photo session?

Most photographers recommend holding a newborn photo shoot within the first 2 weeks of birth, this is because at this stage babies are still very sleepy, which is generally a good thing for newborn photos. 7-14 days old is ideal.

Another reason to hold a newborn photo shoot soon after birth is because babies change so quickly the first few months, and you don’t want to miss the chance to photograph those tiny features.

However, if your newborn is a little older, don’t panic! I am comfortable holding newborn sessions for babies up to three months old. Whilst it may not always be possible to get lots of sleepy images with a slightly older baby it is always a joy to get some super cute alert and awake images and it is also a great time to get some photos of you and/or your partner interacting with your baby.

What is the best time?

I have found that a morning session is usually best and depending on your babies sleep pattern will often recommend a session to start around 10 – 10.30am.

How long will a newborn session take?

The session needs to be very calm and it can take some time to get the best and most relaxed / natural photographs. The photo-session should not be rushed for this reason.

A full newborn session will typically take around 3 hours, but could be slightly longer. I want to ensure your little one is happy throughout the shoot, which can often include stopping for extra feeds and lots of cuddles. This session can include photos with parents and/or siblings if required.

I also offer mini sessions which are much shorter and are solely parent and child focused. A lovely way to document your relationship and bond with your baby. These sessions involve a series of photos allowing baby to self settle and pose in your hands or on your person.


There are no hidden price lists or surprising fees post session, the prices you see here are what you pay.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking in order to secure your session.

Full Newborn Session – £199:

Includes parent/sibling images and individual natural portrait images of your baby

Includes 10 images (from a choice of 20 edited images) which will be sent to you by digital download, so you can save them to your computer and print and share them as you wish.

(If any additional images are required they can be purchased at a cost of £20 per additional image.)

Mini Newborn Session – £135:

A shorter session known as “in your hands” focusing exclusively on parent and child images.

Includes 5 images (from a choice of 10 edited images) which will be sent to you by digital download, so you can save them to your computer and print and share them as you wish.

(If any additional images are required they can be purchased at a cost of £20 per additional image.)


I am one of the few photographers who comes to your own home to carry out your newborn shoot. This helps to give a personal feel to your images whilst ensuring you don’t have to travel during those first precious weeks. I will ask you to consider the room/s which will be best to photograph in. I will be looking for rooms with the best natural light or will aim to photograph near a natural light source. I do not charge for travel time providing that your are located within a 20 minute drive of my home address in Coventry.

Session preparation:

Remember, the session might last up to 4 hours so make sure you have a good breakfast and have snacks / drinks to hand as required.

Make sure you have your usual supply of nappies, wipes, muslins etc close by to see you through the time period and if you are bottle feeding please ensure you are armed with plenty of feeds.

If your baby uses a dummy please have it to hand as it assists greatly with settling. If you do not have one please consider using one just for the duration of the session. I find a dummy really can help to settle quicker but this is of course a personal decision.

I like to make the images as personal to you as possible. Therefore, please think about whether there is anything sentimental to you or symbolic to your family that you might want to incorporate into one or two of your images. Examples could be a special blanket or teddy, Mum’s ballet shoes, Dad’s guitar…. If you want to incorporate such items then please just let me know beforehand so that I can give some thought to the set up in advance.

The key to successful session is a deep sleeping baby! Here are some tips to follow before your session that will assist with this:

What happens during the session?

The session will start by taking on a documentary feel as I follow you interacting with and cuddling your baby. At a full session, I like to take the parent and baby shots and/or sibling shots right at the beginning of the session and then follow into some individual shots of your baby alone.

l will likely be soothing and positioning / adjusting your baby at certain points throughout the session. In the main, I prefer babies to self settle into a pose that feels natural to them as this assists with the natural feel of the images. I will at times be using a beanbag or pillow to take individual shots of your baby, the rest of the time I will position them on you or simply document you interacting with them.

Please rest assured that safety is my priority and that your baby will be safe at all times. Note that I do not use over the top poses or props as I aim for a more natural style. I do use blankets and wraps and I am happy to use headbands, hats and other simple accessories that do not detract from the baby. We can discuss your preferences upon booking.

I am fully insured and a registered member of BANPAS (baby and newborn photography association.)

What happens if my baby soils your props?

Don’t worry about it at all, it is to be expected I am certainly used to it. All my blankets, wraps and props are washed after use.


I advise keeping your home as warm as possible, as many shots will be taken nude. A warm environment also helps to settle. Some calming music / white noise can help too.

What do parents wear to the newborn session?

If you are going to be photographed with your baby, I would suggest no sleeves or very long sleeves in a solid or neutral colour. Blacks, browns, beige’s and whites work well but any solid colour would be flattering. Please avoid patterns and logos as they can be distracting in a photograph.

What does my baby wear to the newborn photo shoot?

Newborns look best photographed nude and natural. Most baby clothes are too big for newborns and just don’t photograph very well. Keeping the clothes extremely simple keeps the focus on the baby. Soft stretchy wraps and knitted blankets are perfect (I have plenty of these) and simple neutral clothing (if preferred.)

How long will it be before I see the photos from our photo session?

It takes some time to edit your photographs. I always aim to send your photographs to you within 2-3 weeks of your session. I know how excited you are to receive your photos and will send a “sneak peek” image within a few days along with an estimated timeframe for receipt of your full photo gallery.