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"There are many incredible moments in time that I have been privy to, but I know others have not seen. That is the greatest part of photography for me - being able to hand someone the missing part of the jigsaw. The chance to show them the whole story including the bits they might have missed….."

Showing you your photos so that you can see your day through my eyes is just the best feeling! The look in your Aunt's eye as you said your vows; the secret superhero stick fight between your son and nephew; the perfect sleepy newborn yawn.... these moments are gone in a split second and it is my job to capture them all.

I am the photographer who will go that extra mile, I will look at your inspiration boards, I will listen to you, I will laugh with you, cry with you and I will answer the phone when you are in a panic and pick up some hair pins on the way to your wedding! I know that each booking is unique and I will make sure that your photos celebrate you.

So hire me to tell your story. Real moments, natural and unscripted, exactly as they unfold.

I love to document your most special moments – your wedding day, your family celebrations and your children as they grow. (Bonus: I have a particular skill for putting both adults and children at ease!) I whole-heartedly believe that after the celebration or milestone is over the photographs are what you will come to cherish the most. They enable you to re-live those beautiful moments again and again.

I live in Coventry with my partner Dan and our crazy, beautiful boys Elliott and Beckett.

Some other things I love are:
- Hot chocolate and gin (but not together)
- Spontaneous kitchen dancing
- Music, particularly the sounds of Kelly Jones, Robert Smith, David Bowie, Billy Corgan, Matt Berninger and Adam Pickering!
- Children. All of them.
- Binge watching Netflix
- Being by the sea
- Photos (real tangible photographs that you can hold in your hands.)
- Books (preferably old, well read ones that smell like real books!)

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